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WATER CAPTOR - Cartridge filters and water absorbing filters. Water separating filter. The delivery filter is a water absorbing cartridge. These filters guarantee the fundamental protection of motors using station dispensed diesel. This type of filter characteristically separates and absorbs any water present in the pumped diesel. The absorption of water however gradually causes a reduction in filtering capacity and consequently increases head loss caused by the filter. All waterlogged filters should be replaced.

  • Filtering capacity 30 µm
  • Flow rate 70 - 150 l/min
  • Operating pressure 3.5 bar
  • Bursting pressure 10 bar

CLEAR CAPTOR - Cartridge filter with transparent container and removable inner cartridge can be applied on both suction and delivery. They are available with water absorbing cartridge. The amount of impurities or water present are immediately visible in the transparent container. Any water or impurities are cleaned out by a valve set in the bottom of the container.

Category : Dispensers
Liquid : Biodiesel, Diesel, Oil
Sector of application : Fuel Transfer
Flow-Rate : Up to 150 l/min

Performance Specifications
  • Flow rates up to 150 l/min

Product’s Range

Water Captor

  • F00611010
    Cartridge 70 l/min water separator
    Stock Code: 50040
  • F00611020
    Cartridge 150 l/min water separator
    Stock Code: 50063
Clear Captor
  • F00611B00
    Clear Captor filter

  • F00611B10
    Clear Captor water filter

  • F00611B60
    Clear Captor strainer

  • F00611030
    Clear Captor cartridge

  • F00611040
    Clear Captor water filter cartridge

  • F00611060
    Clear Captor strainer cartridge


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