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Liquid Controls electronic registration has become the standard in the fluid measurement industry.  Offering both process control capabilities and absolute accountability in custody transfer processes. The complete solution from Liquid Controls includes a strainer, air eliminator, electronic registration, and volumetric presetting. An electronic register ties all these elements together to ensure the most accurate most reliable system possible.

  • The LCR-II and LCR600 LectroCount®registers feature a simple to use red knob and controls run, stop, print, and shift print modes.
  • The LCR-II features multi-point calibration and holds four product calibrations/names.
  • LCR600 holds up to 16 different product calibrations and 100 product names. It has the same multi-point calibration features as the LCR-II. The LCR600 features a customizable display and with a keypad on the front for easy interface and calibration. The LCR600 also offers Point-of-Sale functionality as standard.
    - Offers greater process control through a toggle flow feature. The toggle flow feature maximizes flow during delivery, yet slows the flow down as the delivery ends to minimize hydraulic shock to the system.
    - Also available with FlightConnect™ software enhancing the capability of capturing data on the flight and tail number of the aircraft.
  • The Multiload II SMP is a microprocessor based electronic preset designed for batch delivery of high value fluids. The SMP is single meter preset ideally suited for batch loading of liquids where custody transfer is required.


Registers converts sensor information (eg: pulses from flow meter elements and temperature data from temperature sensors) to an accurate statement of the metered product.

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